Toxic Relationship

Roses are Red, 

Oil is Black,

It’s time for New Mexicans to take a step back.

Big Oil is filled with promises and dreams,

instead we get lies, deceit, and polluted streams.

It may have been love at first sight, but we’ve grown apart. Big Oil is undeniably one of our state’s biggest love affairs. It’s hard not to be swooned by promises of growth and prosperity. It would make anyone’s knees weak. But it’s time to pay attention to those red flags, like environmental racism, poisonous pollution, boom and bust economic impacts and threats to our wildlife. 

It’s time to end this toxic relationship.

Swipe Left on Big Oil

Toxic, problematic, unstable, and oppressive. Sounds like a nasty relationship. Swipe left and say NOPE to Big Oil!

Break up with Big Oil

Breaking up is hard to do…or is it? This relationship has gone on long enough: we need to move on from BIG OIL and their BIG LIES. It’s time to Break Up with Big Oil.

  1. Tell your elected officials to break up with oil and gas


  2. Educate and inform yourself and your community on the realities of Big Oil on New Mexico’s environment

Dump Big Oil

Don’t be fooled by the roses, candy, and gifts. Big Oil knows the end is coming and will do anything to keep you in their grasp. Dump Big Oil like yesterday’s garbage.  

It’s time to end this toxic relationship.

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