While Big Oil is playing naughty and making billions in profits, the Biden administration is getting stuck with the coal. Much like other greedy Christmas thieves, Big Oil takes everything but the blame.  

But Santa can see all and knows that Big Oil is pocketing billions sending oil overseas while regifting the same excuses. 

Our Christmas wish is to move off unaffordable fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy. New Mexicans deserve a happy holiday, not an oily horror.


Nothing like getting your pockets sucked empty during Christmas time! Big Oil takes from everyone and profits BIG! Your hard earned dollars helped them profit over 174 Billion Dollars this year so far!

Oil’s Nice List

Big Oil must have been very nice this year to get everything on their list! Or maybe it was the hundreds of millions of dollars Big Oil uses to pay lobbyists to control corrupt politicians?

n’ Filth

Some things are just meant to go together. Big Oil and money, Big Oil and pollution, Big Oil and lying. You can’t have Crookies without the Filth!

Let it Flow

Oh, gas prices are very frightful, Big Oil ships foreign by the pipe full, but as long as New Mexicans pay the dough, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

New Fears!

Another year ending, another record breaking profit for Big Oil! More pollution, higher emissions, accelerated climate change, wildlife destruction, and Big Oil’s denial about it all. Welcome to 2022, Happy New Fears!

Say GOODBYE to Big Oil’s Crude Intentions

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